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Why Saint Mary's?

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Saint Mary's University


A rich supportive community

The campus is located on a single, beautiful city block. You will quickly form meaningful connections with other students, and feel warmly comfortable in your new home. When you feel card for, you can accomplish more.


Professors that know you

With average introductory class sizes of just 30, you will not only feel connected to other students, but you'll also be able to get to know your professors. With access to professors who care about your academic performance and your future, you will have the kind of personal support that makes a difference.


Learning by doing

At Saint Mary's, we believe students learn better and faster when they put theory to work in the real world. To that end, we offer experiential learning opportunities, labs, co-op (internships in all facilities), travel abroad and real research possibilities!


A global perspective

Nearly a third of the population at Saint Mary's is made up of international students, giving the campus a unique blend of perspectives and experiences. Whether you're from Halifax or Mumbai, being surrounded. by diversity will lift you up.


The tradition of academic excellence

About 98% of our full-time professors have their Ph.D., which is more than any other university in the province. These accomplished professors bring their depth of experience to the classroom. Our rich community of alumni bring the real world to you. If you ever need a helping hand along the way, academic support, health, career, and admissions assistance are at your service.

Our Programs at a Glance

Saint Mary's University was founded in 1802 and has a longstanding distinction of academic excellence. Our campus is home to more than 7,000 students from over 115 countries. Saint Mary's University is recognized as having one of the largest populations of international students in Canada.

Undergraduate Studies

We have built a well-established reputation for undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts, Environmental Studies, Business, Science and Engineering. All of our academic programs are accredited and recognized internationally, ensuring students have worldwide access to employment and graduate studies.

Our Bachelor of Science program is known for the number of research opportunities available for undergraduate students. For example, those studying areas of Green Chemistry can make use of the green roof research facilities of the new Atrium and Global Learning Commons, while Astrophysics students spend time in the BurkeGaffney Observatory on campus.

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Saint Mary's Bachelor of Arts degree is known for its flexibility and a wide range of course offerings including some unique majors, such as International Development Studies, Criminology, Asian Studies, and Atlantic Canada Studies.

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Graduate Studies

If you're further along in your academic journey, browse the many graduate program opportunities we offer (many of which are unique in the region). Choose from a variety of diverse Ph.D. and master's degree programs, and study with award-winning faculty members, renowned experts, and prolific researchers.

Looking for the next step in your business career? All of our programs within the Sobey School of Business have received the highest level of international accreditation. The AACSB accreditation ensures excellence in teaching, curriculum, research, and learner success, and it spans from our Bachelor of Commerce to our Ph. D. in Business Management.

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