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Students walking through the Quod on a sunny afternoon. Shot from above.

COVID-19 Information

Masks are encouraged but not required in most situations.

University COVID-19 Protocols

In keeping with the university’s gradual and measured approach to lessening COVID-19 restrictions and following Public Health guidance, masks will no longer be required in classrooms and labs beginning May 1, 2023.

Masks are encouraged (but not required) in common areas, hallways, classrooms, labs and events taking place on campus, including public lectures and gatherings.

Masks continue to be required when visiting the Student Health Clinic.

Individual faculty and staff members may have reasons for requesting that people wear masks in their classroom/workplace, and we ask that students and others respect their wishes. 

If you are ill or test positive for COVID-19

Please stay home to recover and protect members of our community. We also encourage everyone to review Nova Scotia Health’s guidance on “Protecting Myself and Others” for more information on how to stay healthy, avoid infection from COVID-19 and what to do if you have symptoms or test positive.